Sunday, 10 July 2011

White dressers

My husband had these dressers before we got married, in this picture they are ready to be painted, I have already stripped the stain and sanded, we used them in our bedroom for a few years, but I got a french style bedroom set, so I decided to paint these in white and use them in my daughter's bedroom.

These were my beginnings painting furniture, this was the first time I used an air compressor and a spray gun, it took me a long time to get the right finish.
I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures, but like I said before at this time I was just beginning, experimenting,  I didn't intend to post the pictures or show my furniture anywhere, hopefully I get better.
Finally I finished the dressers and they look like this:

Instead of keeping them for my daughter as I intended, I put them up for sale. A woman emailed me twice letting me know that she was very interested, I emailed back gave her my phone number, she called me right away to assure me that she wanted the dressers the only problem she didn't have a car big enough to fit the dressers, she asked if I was able to deliver for an extra fee, if I wasn't able she was going to hire movers, of course I taught movers would be more expensive than the actual dressers so I told her I was going to deliver the dressers. When I delivered the dressers I found out that she is a designer and she works for Sarah Richardson, I was over the moon to know that a designer liked my furniture and on top of  that she works for a designer I am fan of and I admire.