Saturday, 12 November 2011

My new bedroom set

     I finally got the pictures of our bedroom set, the two dressers are a set from 1955 from a well known Canadian maker. The reason I decided to keep them is the quality of the craftsmanship and the quality of the woods, all made of wood, the tops of the dressers are solid planks of wood and they look like walnut. The original color was  light brown and I had to strip the paint to the bare wood.
     I was going to stain them in a dark espresso color, but when I applied the first coat of stain on the tall dresser  it looked terrible, the color of the stain was very uneven so I took the stain off, sanded the whole dresser again and ended up painting  them with  WHITE (my favorite color).
     The dressers with the original color look very dated, once I painted them and added new hardware they look very modern.

     I don't know if you can see that the knobs and the pulls are different colors, I got them from Lee Valley, I saw them in the catalog and order them online, I assumed that because they were both  silver and shiny they were the same color but I found out after I picked them up that  they really were silver and shiny but the knobs had a chrome finish and the pulls nickel finish, because I love the chunky pulls I think the knobs are going to be changed.

     The night tables are actually dressers, the height is perfect for our bed, their original color used to be a peachy color and are made of maple.
     I have a few leftover mirrors, my plan is to have them cut to the size of the tops of the dressers and the night tables so they will add protection to the tops. That is if I don't sell them first, the truth is that I like them and I know it's very good furniture, but I'm not feeling the love, I like modern looking furniture but my heart loves a more  traditional style.
     I'm going to live with them for a while, I'll keep you posted.


By the way I think those two french chairs are screaming "Paint me white and change my fabric with a more bold and colorful pattern"!!!