Thursday, 10 January 2013

Saying good bye.

We are moving to another house, is bittersweet because we have many memories here, this is the house my daughter first came after she was born, we celebrated all her six birthdays here, we started the garden from scratch,  finished the basement and learned a lot in the process and at the same time we are very excited to start all over again in a new place. 

This is the front of the house, the plan was to paint the garage and front doors, never got to do it.

The foyer

Living room, view from the kitchen, the tv unit is a hutch, it actually works perfect to hold the television and the cable box, DVD player, movies, etc.

Another view of the living room.

The floor plan is open concept. Living room-dining combination and the kitchen is open to the living room.

This is our beloved kitchen, where we spend most of the time.

The white subway tile back splash was my first tiling project. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I think I will do the same in the new house.

Our bedroom

My daughter bedroom, where she doesn't sleep, she wants to sleep with us most of the time, we let her, there is nothing better than sleep and wake up with mom and dad. In a few years she won't want to be that close to us anymore so we might as well enjoy her now that she is still little, besides,  waking up with mom and dad aren't the best childhood memories?

Guest bedroom..

This is another bedroom that we use as an office.

The powder room, I always wanted a red room and this little bathroom was the perfect opportunity, after a few years  I got tired of the color, but I was lazy to paint it in a lighter color. In my next house I want a bold wallpaper in the powder room.

This is the bathroom in the basement, I found an antique dresser, made the hole for the sink, painted it and the plumber installed the sink and faucet, I did all the tilling.

The family room in the basement, I'm keeping these sofas for the next house, I'm thinking to make slipcovers for them. I love the shape of them.

The basement bedroom, as you can see in the picture we use it as a playroom.

The hallway.

We installed a small kitchen in the basement, is tiny but very functional, the idea was to have a self contained apartment in the basement. For thanksgiving I did all the cooking and baking in this kitchen, loved it.

My daughter getting messy when I was working in the garden. She was eleven months.

This was our second summer in the house, and as you can see I was starting some garden beds.

Two years later, and my vegetable garden was already producing  beautiful veggies. The swing set was a birthday gift from grandma and grandpa, she enjoyed it a lot.

Here is another shot of  one side of the garden.

 More veggies.

Not a very good picture, but just want to show my daughter at six and our two year granddaughter having fun in the garden with the sprinkler. There is another granddaughter on the way, so next year there will be three girls playing in the garden and running in the house.

Here is my Japanese maple tree, black eyed susan plants, Anabelle hydrangeas, sedum and peonys.

Another garden bed, there are two mulberry trees in the backyard, I didn't plant them, they just appeared in the garden and they are growing beautifully, in late spring and early summer the berries attract all kinds of birds, this particular tree is right in front of our kitchen, is so nice to see the birds from the kitchen table when we are eating. I have lots of Anabell hydrangeas, hostas, black eyed susans, astillbes and peonies, all of them do very well in our cold Canadian climate.

Another view of the garden.