Friday, 14 October 2011

French bedroom set

I had this french provincial bedroom set in my bedroom for almost two years, I loved the curved shape at the front of the dressers, the legs, the hardware and the fact that was made of solid wood. I didn't like the fake wood grain and the color of the stain, but I got used to live with it until I found another set, very different, more modern looking, I'll post the pictures next time.
The original plan was to stain the tops dark and the rest of the dressers and night tables antique white, but when I applied the stain, dark circles started to appear, for me the easiest thing to do was to paint the whole piece white.
These are the before pictures

These are the water marks or should I say red wine marks from my husband's glass and maybe some marks from my daughter's glass of milk.

These are the night tables, the original set came with just one table, I found another table not identical but I liked the proportions and it is french style as well.

These are the after pictures, I regret that I didn't paint them sooner and enjoyed them in our bedroom. I think they look very nice.

The long dresser was missing a pull, I had a hard time finding one to match the other pulls, it's not easy to find hardware that is around 60 years old. I had to borrow the pull from another dresser, so I'm still looking.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Black dresser

I would say that ninety percent of the times I paint the furniture white, but this time the color I've chosen for this dresser is black, I love how it turns out.