Monday, 26 September 2011

Dining sets

 It's hard to find chairs that are in good condition, it's very common to find chairs that are wobbly and the foam on the seats very dirty so it has to be replaced, and that alone can be expensive. So far I found three dining sets I liked well enough to refinish them, all  the same style.
The first set, came with four chairs, but I found another two, once you paint and recover the seats they look perfect together. Can you spot miss barbie?
I didn't bring the table inside the house so I took pictures in the garage, sorry for the messy background, the bad lighting and the bad photographer, but unfortunately that happens a lot.

The second dining set, went to a young woman, I gave her the leftover fabric I had from the chairs, she was going to make a balance for the kitchen's window and some pillows to match her new dining set,

And this it's my last dining set so far, this is how the chairs looked before I worked on them, again the set had just four chairs but I was lucky to find another two, different but they look well together once I put the same uniform.